We firmly believe that our success depends on our valuable customers and each member of our company. Keeping in pace with the needs of our valuable customers we have four extrusion lines of latest imported technology and more than 15 moulds. We have experienced technical personal and a laboratory with well equipped instruments in order to test the quality of every batch production. We always follow trust, respect and good quality with good service which has resulted in superior performance of our group brand 'OASIS' in the market.


We shall strive to continuously expand our uPVC extrusion business and be the supplier of first choice for all our customers. We shall simultaneously look out for new and emerging business opportunities related to our field of competence.


  • Commitment - Do what ever it takes to deliver superior customer value
  • Courtesy - Towards our customers, employees, vendors and the society at large
  • Integrity - Honesty in every action
  • Speed - Act with urgency to deliver what we promise
  • Team-work - Thinking and working together across hierarchy levels

Why Oasis uPVC


  1. New and updated technology. Fully automated process system from Raw Material to Finished goods.
  2. Excellent weather and impact resistance OR Anti-impact and Anti UV performance.
  3. Excellent surface finish and glossiness. It is bluish white, lucid and lively, and gives people pure, fresh and exquisite feelings.
  4. It has high precision with figure size, and has the stabilization of unit length and quality, the tolerance is within 5%.
  5. Specially designed for friction free movements of hinges.
  6. Good light and heat stability: After the strict force aging testing, the color's variety meet the requirement of national standard.
  7. High welding performance.
  8. Specially designed for the Indian climate condition.
  9. Compliance with International Standards.
  10. Good Back End Support in term of product knowledge, standards, technical specifications, test reports, samples of profiles, mock up windows etc.

Inner packing: Protect film

Outer packing: Plastic bags, suitable for shipment