Oasis Profiles

We started 'OASIS DECOR' in 2002 targeting the maintenance free Modular Kitchen Shutters manufacturing with sophisticated Machinery and Infrastructure. Our unmatched expertise has revolutionized the concept of Membrane shutters in India. Unlike many others, at OASIS we focus on service, quality and innovation rather than simply volume, and this has resulted into Oasis Decor growing from strength to strength and now serving more than 650 trade customers throughout India.

Inspired with that success and motivated by our customers support now we are venturing into "uPVC Poly Profile" manufacturing with an aim of providing high quality uPVC Profiles while maintaining cost savings, timely deliveries and as well as customer services.

Oasis Poly Profile Private Limited is established and centrally located in India at Hyderabad manufacture and supply good quality uPVC Profiles for Window & Door. As a Trade customer, you will find Oasis Poly Profile a friendly, honest and reliable company to deal with. Experienced staff are on hand to help for your requirements – whether it is product/technical queries, installation advice, sales and marketing or business advice.

Present uPVC Market 

  • uPVC Profile Industry has attained worldwide growth. Among the other industries the uPVC Profile industry has high potential growth.
  • All the developed countries are using uPVC doors & windows.
  • Most of the domestic suppliers are importing UPVC Profiles from various countries.
  • Government of India has issued guidelines to the builders to use material other than wood.  The environment disasters can be prevented by using uPVC Profile Windows & Doors.

We believe by making small steps together, businesses can have a positive impact on the environment. Building on this foundation, we work diligently to also provide the best  'Green' household products.

You will also quickly appreciate the quality and diversity of the Oasis product range, helping you win more business at better margins.

Sincerely hope our service can make your life and work more easier.

Why Oasis uPVC


  1. New and updated technology. Fully automated process system from Raw Material to Finished goods.
  2. Excellent weather and impact resistance OR Anti-impact and Anti UV performance.
  3. Excellent surface finish and glossiness. It is bluish white, lucid and lively, and gives people pure, fresh and exquisite feelings.
  4. It has high precision with figure size, and has the stabilization of unit length and quality, the tolerance is within 5%.
  5. Specially designed for friction free movements of hinges.
  6. Good light and heat stability: After the strict force aging testing, the color's variety meet the requirement of national standard.
  7. High welding performance.
  8. Specially designed for the Indian climate condition.
  9. Compliance with International Standards.
  10. Good Back End Support in term of product knowledge, standards, technical specifications, test reports, samples of profiles, mock up windows etc.

Inner packing: Protect film

Outer packing: Plastic bags, suitable for shipment