The advent of uPVC as a material for making window and door profiles has presented consumers a range of benefits. Consumers can enjoy complete comfort, something they are robbed of by aluminum and wooden profiles. Moreover, uPVC has helped modern day doors and windows evolve beyond the standard shapes and designs.Unlike aluminum and wood, uPVC gives complete cooling when an air conditioner is on; there is no outflow of cold air through the window. In addition, uPVC enables better heat insulation that further ensures good cooling. uPVC also keeps noise completely out. And that's not all. The consumers today can choose a design they prefer and uPVC profiles can match their style. uPVC has opened up the possibilities of a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs.

Oasis uPVC compared with aluminum and wood are always stronger, safer, sound resistant, heat resistant and burglar proof. Please check the below table which shows the comparison of uPVC with other traditional materials.

A comparision between uPVC and other traditional material

Surface quality
The surface quality is maintained throughout its useful life.
Anodizing wears out and corrosion sets it.
Requires regular up keeping.
Thermal insulation
Excellent protection from atmospheric heat transmission due to wider profile depth and multi chamber section and low K value.
Poor being a metal, it has a poor thermal insulation and high thermal conductivity.
Fire resistance
Acoustic Insulation
Excellent.The multi-chamber sealed cavities and welded corner offers excellent acoustic insulating properties..
Poor.The mechanically joint corners renders very poor result from acoustic insulation angle.
Dimensional accuracies
Excellent.Fabricated by state of art sophisticated machine hence offers uniform quality control.
Poor.They are fabricated manually hence poor quality and non-uniformity.
Conservation of energy
Require 7.5 times the energy than that required to manufacture PVC.
Preservation of natural forest wealth
Less maintenance due to pristine appearance.No periodical paint work or lubrication required.Just simple cleaning with any detergent will keep the window as new as ever.
Regular maintenance should be done.
Requires regular painting and polishing.
Much stronger due to galvanized iron steel reinforcement..
Does not warp.Last for a life time.
Can warp
Can warp
Rot, rusting or corroding
Doesn’t Rot, Corrode or Rust.
Will rust, corrode.
Changes due to climatic conditions.

Why Oasis uPVC


  1. New and updated technology. Fully automated process system from Raw Material to Finished goods.
  2. Excellent weather and impact resistance OR Anti-impact and Anti UV performance.
  3. Excellent surface finish and glossiness. It is bluish white, lucid and lively, and gives people pure, fresh and exquisite feelings.
  4. It has high precision with figure size, and has the stabilization of unit length and quality, the tolerance is within 5%.
  5. Specially designed for friction free movements of hinges.
  6. Good light and heat stability: After the strict force aging testing, the color's variety meet the requirement of national standard.
  7. High welding performance.
  8. Specially designed for the Indian climate condition.
  9. Compliance with International Standards.
  10. Good Back End Support in term of product knowledge, standards, technical specifications, test reports, samples of profiles, mock up windows etc.

Inner packing: Protect film

Outer packing: Plastic bags, suitable for shipment